I'm Leaving

2012-06-05 13:44:02 by Bartmr

Newgrounds has became too simple for me. For now one I'm staying in these adresses:
and of course Twitter

new layout arriving to newgrounds

2012-02-08 18:10:31 by Bartmr

wow newgrounds its finally, well, built for everyone who wants to share theyre piece of modern art, either if its considered classic or not. just one thing, its very forgetful that the developers didnt had mobile platforms in mind including feature phones. i have a java phone with opera mini 4 and i dont have enough memory on it to load newgrounds as i used to do it on my mobile. and for someone like me, that is a real trouble


2012-01-25 17:18:31 by Bartmr

Finnaly, i got scouted. i dont know if you can say the name of the user who scouted you. Meanwhile i leave this post with an inspiration for those who try to draw the urban jungle

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problems sharing my works

2012-01-10 07:10:43 by Bartmr

i ve got a big problem here on newgrounds. since this is my main page for blogging and sharing my drawings and works, its crucial for me to be scouted. it seems that people unscouted like me can only share a limited number of drawings. and the drawings i have here are nothing compared to the complex ones i do sometimes. if youre a scouted member, please help me. oh and, drawing tips are also very useful to me. thanks

Photo contest

2011-12-08 08:47:20 by Bartmr

I recently signed up for a photo contest and i need the most votes i can get to win. If anyoine wants to help me, please login with facebook and vote in this Website (click in the word) . Thanks The photo submitted in the contest is the one below

Photo contest

I'm bored

2011-12-04 11:41:32 by Bartmr

This is what happens when i have nothing to do

http://www.aviary.com/artists/Bartmr/c reations/track

http://www.aviary.com/artists/Bartmr/c reations/track_2

I'm bored

Seems that ill use this more for producting things than watching them

3 years without  visiting this website. forgot how awesome it is.